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Laser Guided Parking Attendant should avoid unwanted scratches and knocks

by – on June 30th, 2016

Let’s face the cold, hard truth here – not everyone is born with the ability to park a vehicle nicely in the garage or parking lot at the first go. Some of us are great at parallel parking, while others shun away from any parking lots that do not have empty bays beside our lot. Heck, even backing into the garage might prove to be a nightmare for many, which might be why Hammacher came up with the $49.95 Laser Guided Parking Attendant.

This is one motion activated parking aid which will be able to guide two cars into a garage with laser-precise driving prowess. It will be different from other obtrusive, unsightly solutions such as a tennis ball suspended from a string, as this particular device can be mounted discreetly to a garage ceiling in order to prevent you from rear ending other items in the garage and ruining your paintwork, such as a lawnmower, ladder, or even the ever static rear wall. As long as your vehicle approaches within 15′, the unit will be triggered, projecting a red laser pointer beam (one for each car) onto a predetermined spot on a vehicle’s hood or dashboard. All you need to do now is to align the beam with the hood/dashboard, and you would end up within the optimal parking distance from the garage’s rear wall. The integrated LED delivers 50 lumens of light for extra parking assistance, and can be powered either an AC adapter or a trio of AA batteries. Looks like laser guides are not only there to help you trim your beard!

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