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Oticon Opn is a hearing aid with IoT capability

by – on June 29th, 2016

Hearing aids are said to be crucial and an essential medical device for those who would like to live a life as normally as possible even when one’s listening senses are starting to become dull. Having said that, the consumer electronics industry does not churn out hearing aids in the same manner as smartphones, for the simple and obvious fact that this is a very niche market. Oticon, the industry leader in advanced audiology and hearing aid technology, has recently announced the launch of Oticon Opn. What makes the Oticon Opn different from the rest of the hearing aids in the market is this – it is the world’s first internet connected hearing aid, and this would open up a world of possibilities for IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

 The Oticon Opn will be accompanied by its fair share of ‘world firsts’, where among them include TwinLink, which is the first dual communication system that will merge binaural processing alongside streamer-free, internet connectivity, all without having to compromise on the battery life or physical form factor. Being compatible with the web-based service IFTTT (If This Then That), this in turn unlocks a world of potential for connected device communication.

Opn will also revolutionize hearing aid technology with the platform Velox, which happens to be the first sound processing system that enables users to more naturally follow multiple conversations in noisy environments without having to rely on traditional directionality. You can also program the Opn to “talk” directly with door bells, smoke detectors and baby alarms thanks to IoT capability.

With the Velox ability, the Opn is capable of handing noisy environments with multiple speakers, thanks to the use of precise sound analysis that is performed over 100 times a second, allowing important sound such as speech to be located from any direction, while background noise is de-emphasized for optimum clarity. If you know anyone who is in need of a pair of hearing aids the Oticon Opn is the perfect recommendation.

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