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Compact Airline Friendly Stroller makes it a snap to travel

by – on June 29th, 2016

When you are newly married, it is a fun thing to travel with your other half, as the two of you can travel without too much care in the world, and there are no children to mind – not to mention allowing your budget to be used for some splurging from time to time. Traveling with a child, especially a baby or a toddler, can be rather challenging, although not impossible. Well, Hammacher wants to ease the complications of traveling with a young family – especially on airlines, thanks to their new $249.95 Compact Airline Friendly Stroller.

This happens to be the definitive traveler’s stroller that is able to compact down to the size of a briefcase for easy storage under an airplane seat, or perhaps in an overhead bin. It has also picked up recognition by the Guinness Book Of World Records as the “world’s smallest folding stroller,” since it is capable of folding down to 11.75″ x 13.75” x 7″, which is extremely compact when you think about it compared to other strollers that are in the market. It is narrow enough to push down an airplane aisle to stroll a child to a seat (and de-plane), being constructed from lightweight yet sturdy ABS and aluminum, ensuring a safe, sturdy seat for children. As long as your little one is aged between 6 months and above, up to 55 lbs. in weight, it is good to go.

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