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Magnetic Shoe Laces makes life a snap

by – on June 28th, 2016

You know, the idea of shoelaces might have been a dapper one back when it was thought up of, for the simple fact that Velcro has not been invented just yet. However, since shoelaces have long been a tradition in the world of footwear for the longest time, it would be silly to ditch such a design for good. The thing is, there are many different ways in which one can wear a pair of shoelaces, and this is somewhat equivalent to that of wearing a tie. Hammacher has decided that the idea of self-tying shoelaces is the real deal, hence the $39.95 Magnetic Shoe Laces that pays homage to such a thought.

It is perfect for those with limited mobility or hand strength, as the magnetic shoelace fasteners offer quick, hands-free shoe removal. The top three laces of a shoe will be woven into a pair of magnets, where they are then tied to your preference in such a way where the knot resides below the magnets, as well as above a shoe’s tongue. When one steps into the shoe and clicks them together, the waterproof magnets will then secure a shoe to a foot with 18 lbs. of force, which will enable walking, running, and the footwork required by sports.

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