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The Panasonic Face Steamer makes your skin feel like a dream

by – on June 27th, 2016

During my travels in Hokkaido, I stayed at a hotel that had a face steamer in it. What a pointless and frivolous tool I thought, to buy a device that will shoot steam at your face for a few minutes a day. Of course, those were the opinions of a person who had never used one before, and after the first night of using this magnificent machine, I became interested in finding one of my own.

 The Panasonic Facial Steamer certainly appears to be a good option so far as I’m concerned. This is supposed to be used for 6 minutes at a time, and can help loosen up dirt and makeup before cleaning it off fully, in the morning to freshen up your face, or in the evening to soothe tired skin. The particles of water it puts out are 4,000 times smaller than ordinary steam to make sure the moisture will get in every possible pore and crevice it can.

It sounds like utter baloney but it really does feel amazing, and while I haven’t used this specific brand, they really do help your skin look better. This model is portable, and shouldn’t take up too much space on your counter. You’re supposed to use filtered water with this, but tap does the job fairly well. It’s not reccommended to use essential oils with this, but there are models that are marketed to do just that. This will cost you $129.99 if you’re wanting to freshen up every morning and evening, though there are cheaper options available.

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