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NUU Konnect makes global roaming a snap

by – on June 27th, 2016

If the world is your oyster, and you happen to change passports all too often simply because you have run out of pages for the immigration to chop, then chances are you are also on the lookout for a mobile deal that does not require you to burn a huge hole in your pocket at the end of the trip. While roaming has become a whole lot more affordable than before, it is still not at prices where everyone is able to afford, even more so when it comes to longer stays. Having said that, Hong Kong-based NUU Mobile might have a solution in the form of the NUU Konnect device, which will allow seamless local SIM switching for international travelers to more than 100 destination countries. In other words, the NUU Mobile vision is no less than a world without telecomm borders.

 With the NUU Konnect from NUU Mobile, one will be able to enjoy seamless local-SIM switching for travelers, where it lets the user connect up to five devices by Wi-Fi (versions 802.11b/g/n), and all of these devices are able to access multiple phone networks from various locations, which will be enabled by NUU Mobile’s unique hybrid solution, as it switches automatically between a SIM bank as well as a multiple network-identity e-SIM, and supported by multi-IMSI technology.

As a result, one gets to enjoy low-cost roaming when it comes to voice as well as data, with minimal set-up requirements thanks to simple Wi-Fi pairing. Not only that, there is also support for multiple devices and form factors, as NUU Mobile services include a comprehensive management tool and report, and it will be maintained with full service consistency, developed and supported by NUU Mobile’s in-house R&D team. This is far more than a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, as the NUU Konnect i1 happens to be a 4G LTE device that also supports both normal voice calling, thanks to the PSTN, and SMS.

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