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Golfer’s Clandestine Cooler lets you have a break on the go

by – on June 27th, 2016

Golf is not exactly the cheapest hobby in which one can indulge in, but neither does it cost a bomb such as car racing. Still, you would need to have a substantial amount of money to get started, ranging from the set of clubs all the way to a golf club membership if you would like to get serious with things. Having said that, walking the entire course is a surefire way to end up thirsty, especially in the sweltering summer heat, and this means ordering drinks from the club’s restaurant. However, if you are in a pinch this month and would like to save some money on the side, investing in the $89.95 Golfer’s Clandestine Cooler does make plenty of sense.

As its name suggests, the Golfer’s Clandestine Cooler comes with the cooler concealed within a golfer’s shag bag. Sly swingers can then enjoy their chilled libations of choice on the links, saving money in the process. The bag surreptitiously stows enough beverages to keep an entire foursome refreshed over a full round, as it has enough room to hold a dozen 12-oz. bottles or 18 12-oz. cans, in addition to 5 lbs. of ice. It provides a welcome relief to lukewarm refreshments that are smuggled in via shorts pockets, or waiting for what seems like infinity for a chilled clubhouse beverage.

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