Grumpy Cat adds to the overall doom and gloom


We humans are very susceptible to our feelings, that is for sure, and for some of us, it would be more often than the others. Having said that, the Internet is full of characters that happen to epitomize just how we feel for a particular moment, and if you know someone who can even “outgrump” Grumpy the dwarf of Snow White fame, then it might be best to gift him or her the £19.99 Grumpy Cat.

The Grumpy Cat that you see here is everyone’s favorite forlorn feline, where it happens to be a realistic plush replica with unimpressed eyes & grumpy mouth, and allows one to cuddle up to a sour-faced Internet sensation, making it the ideal gift for the moody wretch in your circle of family or friends. It will arrive with a pair of judgmental eyes and trademark upturned mouth. Certainly a toy that reflects the mood of the economy at the moment, with an impending crash and all that bad news.

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