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Neoix AMORR unlocked Android smartphone


Not all smartphones are created equal, that is for sure, and here we are with Neoix and its Amorr smartphone that runs on the Android mobile operating system from Google. Sure, this particular device is far from being as popular as that of other brand names like the iPhone, or the Galaxy S series from Samsung, but the Amorr happens to be an unlocked device that claims to express that “It’s All About You “feeling, being fully customizable without having to break the bank.

 The asking price? We are looking at $129.00 a pop, which is surely extremely affordable for just about anyone and everyone, don’t you think so? This is the second device from Neoix, and the Amorr smartphone will be able to support the HSPA+ standard while it plays nice with major GSM wireless carriers in the same vein as that of T-Mobile, AT&T, and MetroPCS, among others.

First of all, the expressive Amorr will boast of a vibrant 5.5” qHD display alongside with eight different preloaded UI themes. Each AMORR will be accentuated by brushed gold trim, and the back-cover compliment is determined by you. There will be a pair of interchangeable back-covers which have been thrown into the mix right from the get go, and the soft-touch black patterned obsidian is perfect for everyday use, as the high-gloss richly stenciled gold option is perfect for those events when some bit of bling is required.

There are also a number of audio enhancements and customizable reverberation settings available so that the individual is able to fine-tune his or her experience. Camera color effect settings will allow the user to give personalities to their photos, and the removable battery is also a neat legacy feature since you can always carry a spare battery with you on your travels. Any takers for the Amorr from Neoix?

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