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MSI Vortex is the most powerful gaming cylinder to date


Now here is a gaming computer that will definitely up the ante when it comes to gaming computers, and it hails from none other than MSI Computer Corp. MSI’s announcement of the Vortex happens to see it being a VR-ready, high-performance miniature tower which will be able to redefine compact gaming desktops, as it holds the distinction of being the smallest gaming cylinder in the world. In fact, the MSI Vortex comes with a measurement of a mere 10.5” in height, and yet has the ability to run with the best of them thanks to an unlocked Intel Core i7 6700K processor, not to mention having up to 64GB of DDR4 memory, SSDs in Super RAID 4 configuration, and dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 GPUs in SLI.

 Apart from that, the most recent tower from MSI has also been specially engineered for superior upgradability, expandability, and compatibility with a variety of connectors, and among those include Thunderbolt 3 that supports up to 40GBs of data transfer rate. It might be minimal in footprint, but do bear in mind that it has maximum performance. The Vortex will boast of MSI’s 360° Silent Storm Cooling technology that delivers extreme coolness even under the most intense gaming sessions. This particular cooling system will create a vortex-shaped wind path as it captures heat from the bottom of the unit and circulates it upwards, resulting in superior thermals and acoustics. In addition, with a 450W 80 plus Gold power supply that is built into the Vortex, space use is minimized.

Capable of supporting up to half a dozen video outputs for intense multi-tasking and multi-screen experiences, the Vortex is also 4K ready, as it delivers lag-free gaming thanks to Killer DoubleShot X3 connectivity, accompanied by an immersive multimedia experience with Nahimic Military X Gaming, which is the first audio technology adopted by the French Army to vividly reproduce audio in their aircraft training simulators.

The Vortex can be yours with a starting price of $2,199.99 a pop.

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