This Countertop Water Purification Cooler will let you graduate from the Brita filter


When you’re in college, you mainly only think about survival. Eating, sleeping, and drinking enough caffeine to tackle that paper that still isn’t finished are the only things on your mind. However, if you have the money you’ve likely invested in a Brita filter to make sure that you’re not stuck drinking the nasty water that comes directly out of the tap, or be forced to buy nothing but bottled water.

Once you leave the comfortable prison of college and finally settle into a routine while looking at more permanent living situations, you don’t mind investing in more solid and stationary pieces of furniture, hardware, and the like. This Stainless BottleLess Countertop Water Purification Cooler might be one such item to consider. This hooks into your sink, and will not only provide cold water, but steaming water at 180 degrees Fahrenheit as well.

The hot side can hold 1.2 liters of water, and the cold side can manage one gallon. This uses filters that can last through 1200 gallons, which means this would even work for larger office settings of 30 people or more. Although, if you keep this at home then you’re not going to need to change the filters nearly as much. This is a pricey purchase at $392, with filters that cost around $50 a pop, but it doesn’t require any cleaning, and the filters are a snap to change out without having that gross carbon or charcoal residue sitting at the bottom of the container.

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KLD Says: January 9, 2016 at 10:20 pm

So, the price seems to have magically gone up to $511. Extra pricey goodness at Amazon.

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