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Rapid Car iPhone Charger provides juice in double quick time


So, you fancy yourself as a power iPhone user, and are proud of the fact that your favorite smartphone model runs out of juice by the time lunch break arrive, simply because you are such a busy bee and have so many appointments to make and contacts to keep in touch with? Surely a power bank should be part of your hardware collection as you live out such an on-the-go lifestyle, and if you happen to drive to your business meetings and destinations, then an in-car charger would also be part of the deal, meaning your regular iPhone charger plugged to the wall should just remain there. What happens when you need to juice up your handset in double quick time? This is where the $34.95 Rapid Car iPhone Charger comes in handy.

The Rapid Car iPhone Charger happens to be the perfect adapter for the car as it rapidly charges up to three USB-equipped devices simultaneously. The 2.4 amp-rating delivers superior charging efficiency for iPhones and other smartphones, where it does the charging in half the time that is required from typical chargers. Sporting a low-profile body, it can be plugged into any dashboard charging port, where the LED indicator points out just which items are still charging. Each purchase comes with a pair of 4′ USB cables: one with a microUSB connector and the other with a shielded, 4′ MFi Lightning connector for recent iPhone models.

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