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LG ready to reveal new dishwasher at CES 2016


The modern day home has plenty of appliances that will certainly do their bit to help make life a wee bit easier to go through compared to the days of yore, even to the era when there was no electricity to power homes. Back then, everything was done manually, and I suppose to a certain extent it made humans more healthy due to the “exercise” that had to be had. Washing dishes too, is a chore that many cannot avoid, and it is better achieved if one had a large sink to work with. LG wants to mix things up a little bit by unveiling a new dishwasher at CES 2016 that is touted to boast of a slew of features.

 Touted to be LG’s most advanced dishwasher ever, it will be known as model LDT8786ST, as it comes with TrueSteam and MultiMotion features in order to help it clean dishes more thoroughly while making annoying water spots a thing of the past. LG’s proprietary TrueSteam technology will blasts dishes with a high-temperature cloud of steam so that one gets superior washing results with fewer water spots. TrueSteam was specially designed to practically melt away even the toughest food residue, and these include burnt cheese, dried egg yolk and bacon grease. Heck, the likes of lipstick and stubborn fingerprints on glassware will also be gone after the washing cycle.

MultiMotion is also another feature found on the LDT8786ST, where it relies on an innovative wash arm to deliver more powerful, quicker wash cycles. This robotic cleaning arm will merge a circular sweeping action with powerful bi-directional spin, shooting water in every direction so that one ends up with sparkling clean dishes regardless of shape or location. MultiMotion will be able to complete a full cycle in only 59 minutes, helping you save time as well. Arriving in traditional stainless steel, LG’s new dishwasher can also see action in a shade of black, giving you the choice to have your kitchen sport a sleek and modern look.

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