Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker might help you enter dreamland

beddit3Those who have not experienced any kind of insomnia would not know the experience of wanting to get some sweet, sweet rest, and yet are unable to obtain such respite from everyday life. It can be quite a painful and emotionally draining experience, even driving others nuts. Well, it is always a blessing to know that anything which can be measured, can be improved — so why not go ahead and keep track of your sleep quality? Sleep trackers abound in the market, but you can also have something different in the form of the Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker.

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iDevices introduces the Smart Home Essentials kit

idevices-homeiDevices and the smart home do have a history together, and it looks like this relationship is set to continue with the Smart Home Essentials kit. Not only that, it will also bring with it an Apple HomeKit and Alexa-enabled system that boasts of not one or two, but three iDevices Sockets (which are connected light bulb adapters), five iDevices Switches (indoor connected plugs) and a couple of iDevices Outdoor Switches (rain-tight connected plugs).

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Sena introduces smart cycling helmet

senaYou have only one head, and under that hair and skin on the outside lies a skull. The skull is what keeps your brain protected from all sorts of knocks and hits, but since it is not made out of some indestructible material, you know that some blunt force could actually shatter the skull — and mush up everything inside. This means one should always be extra careful when it comes to protecting one’s head, even more so when you are traveling on a bicycle or motorbike. A helmet is mandatory for road users who get about on two wheels, and helmets have also evolved to keep up with the times. Sena intends to be part of the smart helmet revolution with their new smart cycling helmet.

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The Pistachiopener is for nut nuts


When you’re looking for a snack, you want to be somewhat health conscious. It’s not good to munch on Cheetos and Oreos every day, so it’s up to you to start looking into alternatives. While nuts are a wonderful snack, they’re expensive if you buy them shelled, so it’s better to get a big ole bag of them in their natural container. Of course, getting to your snack then becomes a battle in and of itself.

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Altered:Nozzle is going to keep your water usage in check


Living in California had made me insanely aware of how much water I waste. Everyone is concerned with how much they use, as well they should be in the middle of a drought! Of course, when you turn the water on, you’re not normally going to take special precaution to let it flow just enough for whatever the task at hand may be; you fling back the handle until there’s a visually satisfying amount of water gushing onto your hands.

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The Weight-Reducing Backpack gives gravity the finger


When you have to go the entire day with everything you need on your person, you know how important having a good bag is. Whether it’s a messenger bag with shoulder padding, a backpack with comfortable straps, or a purse that won’t cut into your shoulder, you’re going to use it enough to know quality when you wear it. The only problem with backpacks is that they’re meant to hold a lot, so we put a lot in them, weighing us down.

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The Ice Cream FREEZE Cooling Bowl – keep ice cream as it was intended


Ice cream is a blessing and a curse to eat. It is delicious, cold, and sweet, but melts so fast that you feel like you have to eat quickly or it will become sugary, milky, room-temperature soup. That shouldn’t sound appetizing because it isn’t, and thankfully some decent person was so bothered by this terrible fact of life that they went out and did something about it.

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Kenmore Alfie opens the door to easy online shopping

kenmore-alfieThe Amazon Echo that rolled out in 2014 did manage to turn more than just a few heads, and it seems that you might want to consider something different this time around if online shopping is your cup of tea. Kenmore Alfie is a voice-controlled device that intends to make your online shopping sessions easier. How much easier, you ask? As easy as saying, “Alfie, Fetch!”

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Muzik One smart headphones take a bow

muzik-oneSince you already own a smartphone, it would be wise to make sure that it is accompanied by a decent pair of headphones, too. Why not take two and two together and ensure that your headphones are also “smart” to go along with your smartphone? Muzik has stepped up to the plate for this particular vision, unveiling the Muzik One smart headphones. The Muzik One was developed with one aim — to transform the way people listen to music and connect to the world around them.

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Yuneec Breeze is an easy-to-use HD drone

yuneec-breezeDrones are pretty common these days, and it would not be too much to ask that each household now has at least one drone. After all, these are mechanical marvels that are able to capture video from a vantage point that not too many of us are ever able to do so without the help of a helicopter and some really, really expensive camera equipment. Yuneec is starting to get the hang of things where drones are concerned, not to mention the Virtual Reality (VR) world, having recently released its first VR headset to the masses. At this juncture, why not roll out yet another drone for everyone? Enter the Yuneec Breeze, touted to be a compact yet easy-to-use Ultra HD flying camera.

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