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AAXA P5 Pico Projector packs quite a punch despite its small size


When it comes to projectors, many of us would think of industrial sized models, or at least those rectangular boxes that are capable of lighting up a wall with one’s favorite photo slideshow or movies. These tend to be bulky and of course, pricey, but they do happen to serve their purpose. What happens when you need to project something while you are constantly on the move, and yet do not want to tote around something so large as a regular sized projector? AAXA is here with another new model in the form of the AAXA P5 Pico Projector, where it has been deemed to be the smallest 300 lumen pico projector in the world.

 Now, AAXA are no strangers when it comes to pico as well as portable projectors, having rolled out their fair share of models in the past including the M4 portable projector. The AAXA P5 will boast of a more compact high efficiency HD Resolution optical engine which enables it to deliver a maximum brightness of 300 lumens. It will play nice alongside a 120 minute high-density Lithium Ion battery, which will obviously make the AAXA P5 a game changer in portable projection technology.

Being tiny enough, the AAXA P5 will be able to fit comfortably in a purse, briefcase, or laptop bag at a moment’s notice. The turbocharged optical engine will be able to deliver 100” projected images (plugged in) and 60” projected images (while on battery power). Accompanying it would be a powerful onboard multi-media player, as it enables the P5 to play high resolution pictures and videos directly from its micro SD and USB ports.

Not only that, when there is an external data source, fret not as the P5 will boast of an array of available inputs such as HDMI, Composite, and VGA. Quick start capability means not having to wait for it to warm up, and the latest solid-state LEDs can last for up to 15,000 hours – that means over 5 years of operation if used 8 hours a day, every day. Expect the AAXA P5 LED Pico Projector to retail for $339 a pop if you’re interested.

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