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The LucidCam is a 3D VR Camera that makes you feel like you’re really there


Look up from your screen from a moment and see what all is encompassed by your field of vision. Now pick up your phone and try to take a picture. It’s only a fraction of what you can see in front of you, which is oftentimes the problem with trying to share our experiences with friends, family, and others when we take video or photos.

 While VR is certainly picking up steam in popularity, it’s usually for digital worlds. If you want to share the real world with everyone you know and the Internet, you’re going to want a camera that can capture the world as you see it so it doesn’t feel like you’re viewing it through a lens. The LucidCam is a 3D VR Camera that offers 180 degree vision and spacial audio so it doesn’t feel like you’re the only one able to see and hear everything in real time.

The LucidCam is pocket-sized, point-and-shoot, and has 1080p footage at 30fps. You can also live stream with an HDMI out, and it has a battery that will let you record up to an hour’s worth of material. Flipping a switch will let you change from photo to video, and you can see the playback on a VR headset or your phone! This is going to cost you $399 to get the LucidCam, 3 cardboard boxes that turn your phone into a VR headset, and a selfie stick.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo

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