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Flosstime makes you care about flossing


It’s funny how the smallest things can affect our health. We’re usually pretty good with showering and making sure our breath doesn’t stink, but when it’s anything past surface level care we often get to be a bit more…lax about it. Flossing your teeth after you brush is one of those little things that may not seem so big, but it can make a huge impact on your health.

 While brushing your teeth takes care of the bulk of the work for removing food bits, flossing is how you go in to do a detailed clean. It’s just like washing your car but not cleaning the inside out. If the floss isn’t in our hands, we generally forget about it pretty easily, which is why FlossTime was invented. This is a mirror-mounted floss dispenser that will spit out the perfect amount of floss (18 inches) for you to use.

Once you’ve removed the floss, you’ll get a 90-second timer that will be conveyed through glowing blue quadrants that will move clockwise around the circlular light. After you’ve done the deed, it will give you a blue smile for a good job. Since you’re supposed to floss at least once a day, this will keep you on track as any missed days will provide you with an orange frowning light cue which will signal that you both know someone is forgetting something. This can be used in single or dual mode, where the smile will be split in half. This means that if someone forgets, you’ll also have the other person to remind you. If you have kiddos, there are snap-ons to make this device look like cute little animals as well. One of these will cost you $22-25 depending on whether or not you want a animal snap-on.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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