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The Altwork Station will help your body and mind work more efficiently


When you work a job that requires you to be on your computer a lot, you start to notice aches and pains that come from sitting and having your body in a static position. Many people have moved to using a standing desk, bouncy ball chair, reclining chairs and more, but it’s hard to find something that can change as fluidly as you want it to. There are some pretty impressive workstations out there, but most of the time they’re stuck in one position, or can only recline back a bit.

 The Altwork Station is rather expensive ranging from $3,900-4,900, but what it does makes it all worthwhile. This will give you many different positions and angles to work with, which includes regular sitting, standing, reclining with your feet up, or laying all the way back with your computer above you, and angling your screen to wherever you need it. This was literally designed to fit however you want to work so you can be comfortable.

This the result of 5 years of engineering, and while it is still in the pre-order phase for additional tooling and development, this looks like one serious way to lounge while working. The actual list price is $5,900, but they’re discounting pretty heavily for early adopters. There are color options to choose from and all that, but at that price you’ve got to hope that it’s well built, won’t drop your computer on your face, and that the chair can handle the occasional cup of coffee being spilled on it.

More information available on altwork

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