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SensoGlove delivers its digital golf glove


So, you think that you are a pretty good golfer among the rest of your peers, and would like nothing better than to go for a few rounds on the green to whack away all of those Monday blues. Calling it a spot of much needed exercise as well, you aim to improve on your game – but do not really want to invest in huge sums of money for a personal golfing coach. This has left you to the devices of golfing magazines, cut outs from the newspaper, as well as YouTube videos that you suspect are nothing more than clickbait. How about being a person who trusts in digital instruments – which would mean that the time is due for a new version of the SensoGlove?

 The older SensoGlove was first covered seven years ago (!) – it has been that long, which means that the time is ripe for a long overdue refresh. This particular golfing glove would come with patented wearable technology complete with sensors embedded throughout the glove, meaning there is no need for an app. The new SensoGlove also aims to help you kick the bad habits – and replacing them with good ones, which will help to correct your grip in order to deliver an accurate and powerful swing, providing information at 80 times per second, now how about that? The new digital golf glove with wearable sensor technology will be priced at $89 a pop, where it sports a small, sweat-proof, removable 1.2-inch LED digital monitor and highly responsive sensors throughout the glove which can analyze the pressure of the swing for real-time audio and visual feedback.

The patented SensoGlove will also offer a warning should you exceed your target level of grip pressure, and it will also show just which fingers are gripping on too tightly, in order for you to adjust your grip accordingly. The “Automatic Sensitivity Selection” Button delivers automatic, accurate pressure readings for a consistently smooth and powerful golf swing providing greater distances and lower scores. SensoGlove is available for men and women in right or left hand configurations, and sizes range from small to x-large, while replacement gloves can be picked up for $22.48 apiece.

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