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Giant Monster Slippers turn you into a kaiju


If you ever wished that you had the kind of destructive power found in those super large beasts of nature, such as a rampaging war elephant or perhaps a blue whale who simply loves to leap out of the water and land back in with a huge splash, I am quite sure that your imagination, too, has been tickled more than once whenever you watched one of those science fiction movies that depict really monstrous giants that wreak havoc on the landscape, looking down on us humans as extremely puny creatures, in the same manner which we look at ants. Well, you can now live out that dream without having to make your own sound effects thanks to the $29.99 Giant Monster Slippers!

This is a Thinkgeek creation and exclusive, where the bootie-style slippers (one size ought to be able to fit most adult feet comfortably) would make your feet look and sound like a giant monster. It is definitely an attention grabber the moment you walk into a room, and they will emit a step-reactive *crash* noise. There is an On/Off switch on the sound box so that you can sneak around before making a booming entrance. The bottom is fabric coated with no-slip dots, where a quartet of AA batteries are required to power both slippers – two each, of course. Far cooler than any other electronically powered slipper we’ve seen!

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