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8-Bit Dynamic Life Pin Set shows that life is better when synergized


If you would like to travel fast, then travel alone, or so the saying goes. Being a lone ranger can be fun since you get to do everything your own way, but on the other hand it can be rather challenging as well when the going gets tough, since you might not be able to have the relevant skills to get yourself out of a tight spot afterwards. Having said that, if you are already married or have a steady partner, how about picking up this $19.99 8-Bit Dynamic Life Pin Set as a unique gift?

The 8-Bit Dynamic Life Pin Set is actually a set of interactive LED badges that come complete with a “life” bar of hearts on them. Whenever they are apart, the lone heart will blink, which in video game parlance dictates that this particular character is tethering on the brink of death. Of course, when both 8-Bit Dynamic Life Pin Sets are together, then all 6 hearts will be illuminated, now how about that? They are powered by infrared technology, hence these badges will communicate via line of sight with the displays facing one another. Thankfully, they can be charged via microUSB, which means you will not have to worry about them running out of juice without any way of being brought back to life.

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