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The Quooz Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser helps soothe your mind


Once you’ve seen enough diffusers, it’s hard to think that one is superior to the others. More often than not, they’re really all in the same playing field, but the words they use to describe themselves get to be more colorful because they want to stand out. More often than not, they’ll bring up health and beauty benefits, which isn’t necessarily wrong, but perhaps a bit ornate for what it does.

 The Quooz Lull Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser takes tap water mixed with the essential oil of your choice, and creates a fine mist in the room. This will add moisture to the air, which is great for those that need a little humidity. This is also a more natural way to add some scent to your home rather than candles or chemically created smells. It can run for 8-10 hours, but will automatically turn off when the water levels are low.

This is shaped like a “spring flower bud before bloom”, which is supposed to be easy to clean. You need to have it near a wall outlet and have essential oils of your own to make this more than a snazzy-looking humidifier, but it does at least have a light. The light can be set to your preferred brightness, off, or on “breathing mode”. It’s going to cost you around $60, but maybe if you believe that this will completely change your health and beauty, then the placebo affect could be worth it.

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