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wiWare’s wiTraveler is a portable Apple Watch charger


So, the Apple Watch did not really take off in the same manner and expectations that the folks over at Apple suspected it would – although it is far from being an outright failure, either. I guess we will just have to give it some more time in the market in order to figure out whether the Apple Watch is going to be considered to be a success or not. Having said that, the Apple Watch, similar in nature to many of our portable devices, would need to have adequate battery power to keep on running. If you are a road warrior who is constantly on the move, then you might want to consider the rather innovative All-In-One Travel Charger for the Apple Watch known as the wiTraveler.

 No sir, the wiTraveler has nothing at all to do with the Nintendo Wii console despite the rather close resemblance in its naming convention where the “wi” part is concerned. Rather, the wiTraveler will target the business traveler who needs to recharge their Apple Watch on the move without having to go through the hassle of carrying multiple power cables and AC power adapters.

In terms of aesthetics, the wiTraveler comes across as a handsome, compact unit that will also double as a watch stand, as it sports a built-in wireless power interface for the Apple Watch. The self-contained unit will also come with a rechargeable battery as well as a flip-out AC plug, as it does away with the need for one to carry multiple accessories. Thanks to this unique design, it will ensure that the Apple Watch is kept in a charging position even when it is stored in a purse or laptop case. This patented combination would pave the way for multiple Apple Watch recharge cycles while unplugged.

The wiTraveler is suitable for both the 38 and 42 mm Apple Watch, and it plays nice with all band styles and sizes. Delivery is tipped to happen before the year is over with a $79 asking price.

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