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These Animal Corner Guards protect your kids and shins


If you were to sit down and think of all the ways things in your house can injure you, you likely wouldn’t get up again as you can experience everything from a paper cut to your ceiling falling on you. Should you decide to have children, all the ways you can get hurt will be on the forefront of your mind. Electrical outlets need to be sealed off, dangerous rooms should be not only closed, but locked, and any sharp tools must be out of reach. However, injuring yourself at home is inescapable, and that is especially the case for children.

 Coffee or dining room tables are notorious for having sharp edges, and as kids have very little depth perception, you’re pretty much guaranteed a few run-ins and scrapes. If you have a particularly sharp table at head-level for toddlers, then you might want to make sure a major injury can’t occur. These Animal Corner Bumpers are not only atrociously cute, but will save your kids, as well as your legs, from a potentially painful impact.

These little animals are made of foam that will absorb the blow, stopping sharp edges from doing any real damage. You only need to clean the surface of whatever corner you want it on, and you can stick them on for however long they need to be there. Since it uses 5M double-sided tape to stay in place, it will easily come up without leaving residue. These only cost around $4, and could also be cutesy accents for people who are notorious for knocking their legs on a table.

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