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The iPhone 6 Plus Bluetooth Keyboard makes quick work of texts and emails


If you’re the type of person who never stops moving and shaking, then you always need a way to get your work done. This usually means constantly having access to a laptop, tablet, or having the right accessories to turn your phone into an all-out workstation. If you like to travel light, then the last option is likely the most appealing one.

 If you are the proud owner of the phablet known as the iPhone 6 Plus and need to make it into a mini workstation at a moment’s notice, then you’re going to love this Ultra Thin Bluetooth Keyboard. This has a rechargeable battery, built-in stand for viewing your phone in landscape mode, and comes with a crystal case, in case you don’t want the extra bulk on your phone all the time, but don’t want your phone to go naked.

This charges via MicroUSB and only comes in white, which fits the theme for most of the devices in the Apple family. While this can work up to 32 feet away, there’s a good chance you won’t be trying to use this more than 5 or 6 feet away. The only downside to this keyboard is that it’s really no bigger than the one on your phone, which means those with sausage fingers are still going to have difficulty typing. There is the plus side of getting the tactile feedback whenever you’re typing, which means not having to look at they keys. While that aspect is nice to have, it may not be $48 worth of nice.

Available for purchase on Brando, found via Redferret.

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