Activist Sends The Interview DVDs Via Balloon To North Korea


Sony’s The Interview might not be the kind of movie that will break box office records, but then again, it received a fair amount of attention because of the hack to Sony’s systems. Having said that, a South Korean activist claims that he has already flown thousands of copies of the highly controversial Sony film, The Interview, over the North Korean border through the use of balloons.

While Lee Min-bok did mention that he has already made successful attempts at those launches under the cover of the night at least a quartet of times since January, the most recent one happened to be on Saturday. The Interview that stars James Franco and Seth Rogen deals with a fictional CIA plot to get rid of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un once and for all, and obviously such a plot did not go down too well with those over at Pyongyang.

Sony did pull the film at first after there was a hack to the company’s network, as well as threats (which thankfully, eventually proved to be nothing but hot air) to attack cinemas that will screen the movie. Releasing balloons have long been a source of infuriation to the North, but South Korea claims that they are nothing but an expression of free speech. The DVDs released via the balloons were also tied to bundles of US dollars and leaflets that criticize Mr Kim’s regime.

It must be noted that Mr. Lee himself failed to see the humor behind The Interview, and decided that the movie was vulgar most of the time. However, here is a man who concentrates on the bigger picture – he claims that the North “hates this film because it shows Kim Jong-un as a man, not a God” and that he wanted to “tell the truth” to North Koreans.

Basically, if you are a North Korean who has a DVD player, and was discovered to have viewed this film, chances are you would end up in a prison camp, slapped with a rather long sentence, too.


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