The Wide Path Camper can be pulled by a bicycle


If you hate having to be stationary, then the idea of a weekend getaway probably sounds like a dream. Of course, then comes the questions of how. Do you deal with flying out of state, out of the country, driving your car, or renting a camper? If you’d rather just take your bicycle and get out of Dodge, then there’s a way to do so comfortably without putting yourself through massive stress.

How much would you be willing to pay for a camper that you could attach to the back of your bike? If the answer is “around $2,180”, then do I have the camper for you! The Wide Path Camper packs down to the size of a small trailer, and can set up in about three minutes thanks to the support legs and folding mechanism. There’s just enough room for a bed and table with seating area.

This will give one person plenty of sleeping space, but could fit two if you tried. There’s also a storage space underneath the sleeping area so you can store clothing and other travel items while you’re on the road. This does weigh around 99 pounds so it will tack on some weight to your biking, but nothing bad ever came from a little endurance training. You can choose a specific color for the outside, and features such as solar panels and outdoor additions, which will of course cost extra.

Available for preorder on widepathcamper

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Javier Lopez Says: March 28, 2015 at 1:53 pm

That’s bad ass I’d pull that sucker and post up like thumb tack

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