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QindredCam, an intelligent wearable camera


Technology has advanced to such a degree these days, so much so that circuitry has shrunk to a level where you can incorporate a video camera sensor in just about anything, and place it nearly anywhere. Here is a Kickstarter project that you might want to check out – and it is no ordinary camera, but rather, being touted to be an intelligent wearable camera. I am referring to the QindredCam.

 The QindredCam claims to be able to let the wearer to live their moments, at the same time sharing them privately with those whom you have decided to. How does the technology behind the QindredCam work? Well, it will, for starters, be a complement to traditional point-and-shoot cameras, and it is capable of snapping the precious moments in your life spontaneously, which could very well make it the “next big thing” where lifestyle technology is concerned. Right now, the current selection of wearable cameras on the market falls are nothing much to shout about, and the QindredCam intends to fill this potentially explosive niche market with built-in intelligence, alongside with a Cloud Service so that one can curate, edit, and share your photos.

The QindredCam will also be different from the other wearables on the market as it will capture photos as well as videos using an array of sensors alongside the help of intelligent software, where all of them will work in tandem so that it captures only photos that matter. When hooked up to a WiFi network, all of the captured videos and photos will be sent to the cloud, and from there, they will be organized and edited.

There is a “Highlight” option on the app that will depict only the very best photos or videos, as it will have been refined by the Cloud Service beforehand. Not all will need a QindredCam to login, since you would be the one giving them permission to take a peek. It will feature an 8MP Sony camera sensor with a 140° wide-angle lens, a pair of microphones with noise cancellation, an integrated speaker for alerts, comfort music or communication. Sensors include those that sense the wearer’s motion, lighting conditions, and what is in front of the camera, while GPS will organize photos via their location. Of course, it has 4GB of internal memory, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to boot.

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