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Metadot introduces the new Das Keyboard 4C mechanical keyboard


Having the right kind of keyboard would be ideal should you happen to work for extremely long hours in front of the computer. After all, there is value in investing a little bit more than usual to obtain a really lovely mechanical keyboard, one that your fingers would be able to dance over them without any issue – so that you can complete your work faster than ever before. Metadot knows this, which is why they have come up with the all new Das Keyboard 4C mechanical keyboard – where this particular peripheral is capable of offering hardcore typists and gaming enthusiasts more than 15% additional desktop space as opposed to previous models. This is because the Das Keyboard 4C mechanical keyboard has been specially designed in order to have it fit more comfortably in even the smallest work stations and home entertainment centers through the doing away of the number pad for nonessential use.

 Do expect the Das Keyboard 4C mechanical keyboard to arrive with the company’s best-in-class typing experience, where it is crammed into a smaller and more compact exterior through the fusing of superior construction and design thanks to high-quality, premium features such as the removal of the number keys for nonessential use.

Not only that, it will let you enjoy precise, effortless keystrokes thanks to Das Keyboard’s gold-plated mechanical switches that claims to offer better tactile and audio feedback while delivering unmatched speed and accuracy. Not only that, brown switches are used to deliver a perfectly satisfying tactile feel with each keystroke, and those who would want a more “clicky” typing experience, there is the choice of using blue switches in the coming months.

Serious gamers would appreciate the rather unorthodox, completely blank appearance, and so too, will programmers and extreme typists. Since these are the folks who are “fused” to their keyboards, they would not want to waste additional time looking down at their keypad. Key inscriptions are purposely absent in order to reflect an ultra-elite and untouchable look. Expect the all new Das Keyboard 4C to retail for $139 in the US and €139 in Europe. It ought to arrive in US English, UK English, German and Nordic layouts.

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