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Motrr Galileo Bluetooth helps you shoot better images and video


I am quite sure that iPhone owners would tell you that they find their smartphone to be an indispensable part of their life – whether one is a soccer mom or a busy executive, the iPhone will still be the “lifeline” to the rest of their world. Having said that, the camera sensor within the iPhone has improved over the years to deliver more than decent photos as well as videos of the precious moments in your life, but surely there are accessories out there which will be able to augment your video recording experience, correct? Enter Motrr, a company that delivers high design robotics to everyday life, with their brand new mount for the iPhone 6 which is simply known as Galileo.

 The Motrr Galileo is an app-driven motorized mount for the iPhone and GoPro which will be able to rotate smoothly regardless of the direction in which you would like to point it to. App developers, too,have taken advantage of this, thanks to the Galileo SDK so that they have come up with the creation of innovative apps when it comes to automatic face-tracking, programmable pan/tilt time-lapse video, and one-touch panoramas, among others.

With the Motrr Galileo mount, you will be able to further maximize the use and performance of your iPhone 6’s camera. It is suffice to say that the Galileo will enable one to come up with pro-level pan/tilt 360 degree videos in a fun, easy, and cost-effective manner. This iPhone 6 mount has been specially designed in such a way for the smartphone to be be inserted in either direction so that it can provide access to the Lightning port for extended use, as well as to position the lens at the no-parallax point.

Expect the Motrr Galileo Bluetooth model to retail for $149.95 a pop, where the iPhone 6 mount itself will cost $29.95.

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