Front And Rear Roadtrip Recorder makes sure that you have both ends covered


Driving can be an exhilarating experience – even more so when you happen to have a few hundred horses at your beck and call at the tap of your right foot, moving along to German precision. Well, there are times when driving might actually catch us off guard – as our minds drift somewhere and we think about something else. In order to avoid anything like that from happening, or at least to have another witness to a potential fender bender, an in-car video camera would definitely come in handy. However, what if there is someone from the back that hits you instead, and drives away? Well, this is where the $199.95 Front And Rear Roadtrip Recorder comes in.

Far different from a regular in-car recorder, this model will have the added advantage of sporting “eyes” at the back. This in-car video camera captures just about everything the driver sees – as well as doesn’t, be it a cross-country road trip or a day in the city. It does not matter should this particular vehicle be suctioned to a dashboard or a windshield, both of the directional cameras are adjustable to 180° in order to make high-definition recordings of the road ahead, behind, or even to the sides to capture all audio and visuals of the experience. The camera itself will make a cyclic recording of each trip, which will see the 8GB microSD memory card store up to 1.5 hours of video footage. It can even support microSD memory cards of up to 32GB, delivering a maximum of 6 hours of recording.

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