This Cyanics iStick Desk Organizer will make life feel less cluttered

Cyanics iStick Desk Organizer

When your desk is covered in receipts, important documents, post-its, crumbs from snacks long since eaten, and an assortment of writing implements, you know it’s time to clean up. Of course, if you don’t have very good organizational methods already in place, you have to start from scratch. Should you also have the issue of not having much room on your desk, then you’re going to need an option that can seamlessly fit into your existing setup.

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The Panasonic Eye Steamer will cook your face to perfection

Panasonic Facial Eye Steamer

When we’re tired, it shows pretty quickly on our faces. We start developing dark circles under our eyes, our face starts breaking out, and it’s hard to keep our eyelids open. If you have to work a full day when you’re already exhausted, you’re really going to be putting your body and specifically your eyes through the ringer. Staring at a computer all day is murder on your poor peepers, and if you start to have eye fatigue, you’re going to want a way to placate it so you can keep on working.

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The Lumen uses your body heat to make light


Halloween is just around the corner, which means we’ve been spending the month watching scary movies. Sadly, a common theme is that people are always out of power for their phones, lights, and other electronic devices at just the worst possible time. If you want to make sure you’re never that person, then why don’t you stop relying on electricity? It’s a bit of a tall order, but there are options out there that will let you do it!

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Satechi unveils its latest USB Type-C Hub Adapter

satechi-usb-type-cWhere USB technology is concerned, you can be sure that it has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. In fact, when USB 1.0 made the leap to USB 2.0, transferring files, especially large ones, proved to be a cinch. It certainly felt like a breeze for sure, and now that we have been in USB 3.0 territory for a number of years now, even 1TB files (as files get larger and larger all the time to take advantage of the larger capacity and yet more affordable storage devices, not to mention ever increasing data transfer speeds) take just a while to make their way from one device to another. However, where USB connectivity is concerned, there is one thing that continues to bother plenty of people – that is, you will need to plug it into the USB port correctly, and not just any way will do. With that in mind, USB Type-C has done away with this method, meaning you can plug a USB Type-C plug into a corresponding port either way. Satechi intends to make life easier for everyone with the all new Satechi Type-C Hub Adapter.

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The SkySaver 260 gives office workers a safe way out of danger


No one wants to think about the bad things that can happen in life. In truth, there’s no reason you should think about it every second of every day, but there’s no harm in planning for a few possibilities either. There are plenty of terrible things happening all over the world this very moment, and in our relative peace of day-to-day living, we can’t imagine that any of them would happen to us. It’s smart to keep a bug-out bag in your car for those extreme just-in-case scenarios, but what do you do if you aren’t near it when disaster strikes?

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Polaroid Snap instant digital camera now ships in the US and UK

polaroid-snapYou know what they say – better late than never, right? With that in mind, we did talk about the Polaroid Snap instant digital camera when it was first unveiled more than a month back, but this time around, things are all the more cheerful, taking into consideration how the Polaroid Snap instant digital camera is starting to ship in the US and UK. Just to refresh our memories, the Polaroid Snap will bring back memories of old, where it can deliver the instant simplicity and spontaneity that is synonymous with the brand, all coming in a pocket-sized form factor as well as a price point that does not break the bank, making it perfect for the photography lover on any gift list as the Polaroid Snap brings the world of digital imaging with a Zero Ink Printing platform to the masses. This lets you print and share physical photos at the push of a button, and at the same time, save your image for use later on when you need to upload it to a computer or other social media platforms.

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Taser’s Axon Fleet in-car video system

taser-car-cameraNobody likes to go through the hassle of an accident. After all, accidents are so much trouble when you have to file a police report, deal with all of the necessary paperwork so that the insurance money can arrive, not to mention the very clear and present danger of actually dying in an accident, or ending up with some really serious injuries that could take a very, very long time to heal from. Taser has just announced its spanking new Axon Fleet in-car video system that will cost one $499 a pop. At that price point, you would end up with not one, but a couple of cameras for the front window as well as the rear seat area. Pre-orders for the Axon Fleet will kick off from this week onward, where shipment is tippedto happen in the first quarter of next year.

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