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2015 ICES Fast Approaches


The holiday season is almost done. The tree has been dismantled; the menorah has been packed away; our lives are returning to our regular routines. This can only mean one thing for gadget lovers…CES is around the corner! Wahoooo! The International Consumer Electronics Show kicks off January 6 in Las Vegas. And for 4 fun-filled days the global media will focus attention on some of the hot, up and coming or just unusual electronic items being served up by everyone from the upstarts to the behemoths. Each year a number of different trends present themselves when looking at pre-show press, and 2015 does not disappoint. Let’s take a look at some of the most anticipated technology trends to be on display.


The new way of life, “Internet of Things” will be a huge draw at the show. Over 900 exhibitors will show off technology or services that help connect our lives to the web. Expect advancement in items for the home like smart televisions, appliances and monitoring systems and new personal IoT like wearable items (see below).

4K Television

Though heavily covered in the past, 2015 should be a year of major sales improvements in 4K technology. Prices will continue to come down – anticipate announcements in this space. And rumors are also flying about new content sources. Streaming perhaps? We shall see.


As we have previously mentioned, the CES show is quickly becoming an exhibition space for the auto manufacturing sector – so much so that they now dominate the North Hall of the convention center.  Look out for in car app technology advancements and interesting inventions in assisted driving technology.


Keep an eye out for press on virtual reality headsets. And watches should be a big hit too with announcements from Pebble, HTC and maybe even Tag Heuer.

Stay tuned to Coolest Gadgets next week as we bring you all the big announcements from Las Vegas.


Thanks: Yahoo, CBS