The Kikkerland Coffee Scoop and Bag Clip


Kikkerland Bag Clip and Spoon

Getting yourself moving in the morning is a tough task. The only shining moment is when you can finally get to your first cup of coffee. It is at that point you realize you are a capable, confident person who can tackle the day with gusto. That may be a bit of embellishing, but it certainly does perk us up. Part of our daily routine aside from drinking coffee, is setting up everything for the next day in the evening.

Once you get attached to certain mugs or spoons, it’s hard to deviate. Therefore, it is more than a little frustrating should your housemate take your measuring spoon and forget to clean it when you go to pull it out. If you’d prefer to avoid that sort of thing, then the Kikkerland Coffee Scoop and Bag Clip will be the perfect addition to add to your routine. This wooden clip holds 2 tablespoons, and can keep your bag of beans or grounds closed tightly.

Keeping your coffee area tidy is quite the chore, as grounds have a tendency to go all over the place, so this should help to make sure you don’t have too many escapees from the bag. For obvious reasons, you should only hand wash this, unless of course you like the idea of mold growing on your spoon. You won’t have to worry about misplacing your measuring spoon as it will always be attached to the bag. This will cost you around $16, and is sure to cut off a few seconds of your morning schedule.

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