Automotive Jump Starter helps you get out of tight situations


automotive-jump-starterThere is nothing more of a bummer than to actually end up with a dead battery in your ride when you walk up to it, and to compound matters even more, you have recently changed the battery in your car, which means the battery should not be acting in this manner. Hence, it would always be prudent to have a pair of jumper cables in your ride at all times just in case, not to mention ensuring that you have the phone number of a 24-hour mechanic in the event of an emergency. Of course, the other alternative would be to carry the $99.95 Automotive Jump Starter around in your trunk.

The Automotive Jump Starter is capable of jump starting both four-cylinder and six cylinder cars in a jiffy when attached to their respective batteries, making this particular charger ideal for emergency situations. Being compact in its size, it can actually fit into a glove box, quite unlike bulkier models that require dedicated trunk space. Apart from that, the Automotive Jump Starter tips the scales at a mere 13 oz., and there is also built-in short circuit protection accompanied by a USB port that allows the Automotive Jump Starter to work as a portable power source for thirsty gadgets in the event of an emergency. There are LED lights that inform you of the remaining charge, now how about that? It is said to be able to carry its charge for up to one year without use.

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Greg Lindsay Says: December 23, 2014 at 9:28 am

Lowes Home Improvement warehouse has a similar jump starter power box for $79.00 on sale now in store.

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