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Satechi delivers premium USB 3.0 aluminum hub


Satechi has come up with their very own iteration of the USB 3.0 hub before, and this time around, they intend to up the ante by adding a touch of elegance and class in the form of the premium aluminum hub which will boast of up to 7 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, in addition to a trio of charging ports, where all of them would come crammed in a single sleek and efficient solution.

 The brand new Satechi 10-Port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub as it is called, will certainly have its design elements jive with those who happen to be Apple devotees, while PC users who have grown to quality design over the years too, will be able to appreciate as to just what this particular USB hub is capable of bringing to the table. Sporting a sleek and efficient solution when it comes to transferring data and charging devices, the Satechi 10-Port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub will boast of seven SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports so that you can hook up various devices while transferring data to a computer, in addition to taking advantage of another trio of charging ports which ought to power up “hungry” devices such as smartphones and tablets among others.

Powered by USB 3.0, the seven SuperSpeed ports are said to be capable of delivering quick data transfer rates of up to 5.0Gbps, where there will be extra ports on the hub itself, including a solitary 5V 2.1A port as well as a pair of 5V 1A ports that ought to make charging tablets and smartphones an efficient experience. With its slim, strip-shape design, it is a whole lot easier for users to plug and remove devices, while the sleek brushed aluminum ought to be able to match any home or office aesthetic without having to take up valuable desk space.

The asking price for the 10-Port USB 3.0 Premium Aluminum Hub stands at $59.99 as at press time.

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