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Shirtshuttle MK3 delivers a crease-free experience


There is nothing quite like looking your very best when it comes to being dressed to the nines for a particularly important occasion, such as a birthday celebration or a wedding anniversary. Having said that, some of us who travel for business would need to travel light, and that would mean bringing that freshly pressed shirt to be mixed up with the rest of the luggage, resulting in it being all creased up at the end of the day. This will simply not do for the uber busy executive, since he or she has far better things to do with his or her time than to press a shirt. Why not make sure that your business shirt arrives safe and sound at your intended business destination in the form of the £29.99 Shirtshuttle MK3?

As its name suggests, the Shirtshuttle MK3 will not bring your shirt to space, but rather, offer a hedge of protection against creases. Not only that, it comes in a rugged and lightweight case which is also weatherproof, making it ideal to bring with you as you cycle to work, go on a business trip, or head to the gym. There is also a fold-away hook that allows you to hang it up a your destination, ensuring that you save precious time at your holiday or business trip rather than to iron it all over again.

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