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Pachamas – Bedtime, Books, and Augmented Reality?


When I think back to being a kid, my mind always conjures up the images of being tucked into my bed, in my favorite pair of pajamas. I remember that they were blue, and soft. After brushing my teeth, I would wait patiently for my mom to come in and read me a story. I often wonder what memories my daughter will take into adulthood. Things are changing so fast! 

Chances are, bedtime might never be the same if you check out Pachamas, what the inventors are touting as the worlds first interactive pajamas. Featuring the celebrity talent of guys like Mos Def and Cheech Marin, Pacha’s Pajamas is the story of a nine-year old Latin-American girl who struggles to bring her amazing dreams to life. Positioning a mobile device over the characters on the PJs brings them to life with educational videos, stories, and interactive graphics that correspond with the pictures.

When the app identifies the Pacha’s Pajamas logo, it will begin to play Pacha’s latest webisode Pacha’s stories promote self-discovery, empathy, ignite the imagination, reconnect your child with nature, and most importantly, foster self esteem, all within the context of a fun and engaging story. The pajamas – called PACHAMAS  are made of 100% organic cotton, and are currently part of an interesting campaign. Pachamas will be available in infant, child and adult sizes ranging from $30-$50, but don’t get your hopes up for this holiday season, if the project funds, Pachamas won’t ship until Spring.


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beverly Says: November 14, 2014 at 3:01 pm

Those are cool. I read to my child every night and she would love those .

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