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Inflatable Clear Bottom Kayak offers a truly amazing kayaking experience


If you love all sorts of outdoor activities and have tried kayaking before, then you might want to give this particular experience a totally new look with the $999.95 Inflatable Clear Bottom Kayak. Sure, we have seen inflatable kayaks in the past, as well as transparent kayaks to boot, but to have the best of both worlds come together? This is definitely a milestone moment for some, as it offers a lightweight piece of equipment that will be able to help you get across an entire body of water – and to see what lurks underneath, of course. Needless to say, the Inflatable Clear Bottom Kayak is not going to offer much to look at if the waters that you are kayaking through happen to be murky.

This happens to be a two-person, clear-bottomed kayak which takes just mere minutes to inflate, allowing users to navigate rivers, lakes, or streams as and when they desire while being able to check out the various underwater features that they will come across. It will be equipped with a pair of 19″ x 14″ clear, rigid polycarbonate bottom panels, so that individual passengers can observe the subsurface terrain, plants, and marine life. The hull itself is made out of durable, UV-resistant 1200-denier tarpaulin, while the floor’s interior will sport a trio of high-pressure drop-stitch panels which can support up to 350 lbs. There is also an 18″-wide cockpit and adjustable foam-padded nylon seats for one to paddle about in comfort, while four hard rudders will deliver excellent stability and tracking. Thankfully, there is an included dual-action chamber air pump that inflates the craft in under 10 minutes.

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