Southwest Airlines collaborate with Beats Music for a special onboard music experience


southwest-beatsThe airline industry is an extremely competitive one these days, and air travel has also gotten a whole lot cheaper compared to the past, thanks to the introduction of budget airlines as well as more efficient operations. Having said that, Southwest Airlines has worked alongside Beats Music so that passengers who come aboard Wi-Fi enabled aircraft of Southwest Airlines will be able to enjoy a specially curated music experience. Basically, passengers will be able to access Beats Music onboard while tuning in to a wide range of music programming including the likes of pop, rock, country, and other genres. Apart from that, you might also chance upon the next big thing by listening to fresh new artists and the hottest songs.

All of these songs have been specially handpicked by Beats Music expert curators, and other than that, there will also be a library that will boast of hundreds of playlists, helping make that long haul journey of yours a little bit shorter with the right kind of tunes playing in the background. If you are not quite sure as to what you would like to listen to, perhaps you can always let the Sentence deliver a non-stop playlist just for you, as it has been customized by your response to four questions concerning location, activity, surroundings, and musical preference.

This is an all new entertainment service that has not been seen aboard other airlines before, and it remains to be seen whether such a collaboration will see the introduction of imitators elsewhere down the road. The Beats Music-decaled Boeing 737 aircraft did carry out a demonstration, and the official Beats Music aircraft is planned to depart from Dallas Love Field to Chicago-Midway on flight 732 with Cobra Starship onboard. Those who happen to be on this flight will be on the receiving end of a Southwest Airlines VIP backstage pass to the most elevated live concert that they have ever experienced, alongside an opportunity to meet and receive autographs from the band.

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