The Noggle – Now it’s Cool to Ride in the Back



There’s nothing my dog likes better than a ride in the car, she peers through the back window tirelessly, snotting up the glass. I worry sometimes that it gets a little warm for her back there, there aren’t any air conditioning vents, and the sun baking the back of the car can turn her good time, into a panting, sweaty mess. The cargo area is one thing, but even the backseat can become uncomfortably warm in the summer, or cold in the winter, leaving passengers (especially kids) complaining during cold days, and inconsolable when its hot.

Short of buying a new car, whats a girl to do? Check out The Noggle, a simple system that allows your heat or A/C to be redirected from the front of the vehicle to the back seat, or cargo area, letting you share the comfy breeze with the precious passengers riding behind you. The patented design is completely universal, and promises to connect to any vehicle on the market today. Equipped with a decorative cover that let’s you to attach The Noggle in a place that will direct the airflow where you need it most, including, but not limited to, a headrest, car seat or even a seat belt!

The Noggle comes with a rectangular or circular vent plate, depending on your vehicles specifications. Two retractable zip ties are included to connect the dash plates, and it can be installed in 30 seconds or less. The Noggle head can be quickly connected and disconnected when not in use. The air exit end of the Noggle was designed with child safety in mind, by including a safety screen. So if you’d like to control the air flow and heat distribution in your car, and  keep your passengers in an ideal climate while traveling, then you should look into the Noggle. Check for fabric choices, and at around 43 bucks, its much cheaper than a new car!

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