The Lily Cup helps ladies during the worst part of the month


The Lily Cup

Let’s have a real talk about ladies and their periods. Women are on their period for the equivalent of 7 years of their lives. You essentially deal with this for a week every month, and while it may seem “gross” to some, it is also the most metal thing ever. Of course, you have to use tampons and pads (and painkillers) to carry on with normal life, but there are many, many annoyances that come with using them. They may have chemicals or fragrances that you don’t want in your system, or make their presence known in unpleasant ways.

There are “cups” that exist which you put in, wear until it fills up, and dump out (with proper cleansing in between each use of course). While there are many different kinds of these available, many women either don’t know about them, or they’re too uncomfortable to use. The silicone used for them is often somewhat rigid, making it harder to fold them. While they’re flexible, they don’t necessarily pack down very well either. The Lily Cup is hoping to change that, as it is made of a medical-grade silicone that is hypoallergenic, latex-free, is non-absorbent and has a soft, smooth finish so it won’t hurt to use.

This can be worn for up to ten hours without having to worry about dumping it out. That of course changes depending on your flow, but that’s still far better than swapping out your hygienic products every few hours. This can easily pack down, and fits into a plastic case the size of a lip balm container. You’ll be able to be discreet and prepared with this $33 purchase, and it can last up to five years with proper care. It’s a regular part of life for women, and all you can do is be ready for it.

Lily Cup

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter


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