Star Wars R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage shows off another aspect of this droid that could

r2-d2-luggageIf there ever was a droid that could do just about anything and everything over in the world of Star Wars, then it would be the R2-D2. In fact, you can more or less say that R2-D2 has successfully managed to help Luke Skywalker and friends save the galaxy a few times over, and then some. In fact, its durability as well as capability is a testament to Anakin Skywalker’s tinkering skills, as I am quite sure that he has made some modifications to R2-D2 over the years as a Jedi Master. Well, nothing is beneath Artoo, as it is affectionately called, even when it comes to carrying your luggage around. Enter the $79.99 Star Wars R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage then which would be a great purchase before your next overseas trip.

The Star Wars R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage will boast of R2-D2’s livery on the outside, and it comes in a size that will be compatible within the carry-on restrictions for majority of the airlines out there. This is a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive, so you will not be able to find it elsewhere. Oh yeah, one more thing – not one ought to dare accuse you of purchasing a bootleg piece of luggage as it is an officially licensed piece of luggage. It sports an aluminum telescoping handle, a pair of zippers for ease of access during flights, an interior that is fully-lined with a divider, and elastic straps to ensure that everything else remains in place.