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The Mini Marshall Amplifier portable speaker

If you’re an aspiring or successful musician, likely you have a serious love for your music.  Which means you’ll need all kinds of methods to listen to your favorite tunes.  The absolute best way to do that would be with a speaker that shows your deep love for what goes into making the music to begin with.  This portable speaker is shaped like a miniature amp and is small enough that you could take it with you when you’re away from home or just in an area of your home without music.


The mini amplifier measures 4.5 inches wide, 2 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches tall.  The speaker is a small reproduction of a normal Marshall half-stack style amp.  If you want to move around with your music playing out loud, you can clip the speaker to your pocket.  To control it, you just use the knobs on the front.  You can run it either on a 9-volt battery or plug it in using the AC adapter.  You can purchase it for $62 on Urban Outfitters.

Source: ChipChick

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