Life Size Tyrannosaurus Skeleton would do well for Night at the Museum fans


t-rex-skeletonThe T-Rex has long been the epitome of terror where dinosaurs are concerned, although over the years, its reputation has somewhat taken a fair amount of beating, especially when one considers how it has been said to be a scavenger by certain quarters, while the image of its two small front limbs aren’t too flattering for a so-called “terrible lizard”, actually. Still, the T-Rex does inspire a fair amount of awe even until now, and if you have plenty of money to burn – not to mention a mansion that is huge enough to stash this $100,000 Life Size Tyrannosaurus Skeleton, why not get it?

It is massive as it spans 40′ from tail to snout, and that is because this happens to be a life-size replica fossil skeleton of Stan, a Tyrannosaur which was originally unearthed in South Dakota’s Black Hills more than a couple of decades ago. It was found in a disarticulated state (with each bone being separated from the others), and Stan has been touted to be the most complete (190 bones) male Tyrannosaurus rex that has been found to date. It is made out of GI-1000-grade silicone molds which will be able to deliver stunning, authentic detail to the polyurethane resin casts which have faithfully preserved the healed injuries that Stan suffered during its lifetime, where among them include a broken neck, broken ribs and puncture wounds in his skull and lower jaw. Each purchase will come with a complimentary assembly crew, so fret not if your DIY skills do not amount to anything.

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