Marshall delivers the Acton speaker


marshall-actonAction speaks louder than words, but in the case of the aptly named Acton, it will be able to go about its task in an understated manner without “shouting” out its pedigree, so to speak. The Acton is a spanking new speaker that might be small in size, but it is definitely big on performance. This is one prime example of mom’s advice coming in handy – never too judge a book by its cover, and in the case of a speaker, this would mean not to judge a speaker’s performance based on its size alone. The Acton from Marshall will arrive in either black or cream colors, and this compact active stereo speaker does come packed with some serious power within its rather stout looking frame. You will be able to deliver both style as well as sound into even the smallest of spaces, making it the crowning glory of the ultimate setup in your kitchen, bedroom, or office.

Just what makes the Acton so desirable? For instance, this particular pint-sized speaker will boast of a well-balanced audio that features a clear midrange as well as extended highs, offering it an experience which is not only articulate but pronounced as well. With the Acton, your ears will be able to enjoy powerful deep bass that seems to defy the laws of nature despite it coming in such a small form factor. It is precisely these Hi-Fi qualities that are crammed into a classically designed and compact frame which would allow the Acton to stand apart from the rest of the crowd, allowing it to be competitive even among the larger sized competitors. In addition, there will be a trio of custom control analogue knobs which enables you to fine tune it according to the exact sound that you desire.

Being a nimble and versatile workhorse, the Acton is yet another addition to the Marshall family that will deliver a vengeance, bringing along with it a long standing tradition of loud. Not only that, it also has the killer looks to go along with it, not to mention sporting an iconic script logo which remains distinctly Marshall. Those who are interested in picking up the Acton can do so this coming November 3rd where it will retail for $300 a pop.

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