A-Audio introduces their new Icon wireless over-ear headphones


A-Audio-IconWhen it comes to the world of headphones, there are many different models in which one is able to choose from – and that would include wired and wireless varieties, not to mention the kinds that you wear over-the-ear, as well as in-ear headphones. Some people are more comfortable with having the pair of headphones hanging over their ears, while others prefer it to remain in-ear, so that they get to maximize the amount of audio feedback. A-Audio has stepped up to the plate recently by introducing their spanking new Icon Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, which also happens to be the latest addition to their range of premium headphones.

Specially engineered in order to bring about the qualities of optimal sound quality, aesthetics and comfort, the Icon has been touted by A-Audio to be the ultimate everyday wireless headphone which would enable one to enjoy studio quality sound with a cable – or without, depending on your circumstances and preferences. The A-Audio Icon happens to be the first wireless headphone of its kind that offers up Three-Stage Listening Technology, where it enables listeners to make a choice between Base Enhancer, Active Noise Cancellation and Audio modes. It is pretty much in the same vein as that of how a luxury sports car shifts gears at different speeds, if one were to require some sort of comparison.

In a nutshell, Three-Stage Listening Technology would place one in the driver’s seat so that one is able to select the sound which will best suit you as well as the kind of music that you listen to at the moment. In fact, the A-Audio Icon will continue on the past success of the flagship, award-winning Legacy headphones, where it boasts of the freedom of Bluetooth 4.0 technology, enabling it to hook up sans wires to mobile devices along with A-Audio’s signature aesthetic which will transform functional elements into distinctive design features. It is inspired by classic auto and luxury timepiece craftsmanship, where the Icon will incorporate supple leather alongside diamond-quilted stitching into the headphone band, while your ears continue to be pampered via premium anti-vibration octagonal aluminum bezels that are located on each ear cup. There are also integrated controls on the ear cup so that your music can be controlled right from your fingertips.

It is ideal for travel purposes, thanks to its foldable design and custom tailored carrying case. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers up to a dozen hours of uninterrupted wireless sound, and there is also a 4-foot tangle-free audio cable with 24k gold plated contact just in case you need to maximize battery life. Expect to fork out $379 for the Icon Wireless Over-Ear Headphones as it becomes available from next month onward.

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