The Tornado Body Dryer – Have a Blast, in your Shower!


There is nothing like a nice hot shower, and of course nothing like stepping out of said shower, dripping all over the floor, while you freeze your butt off drying yourself with a towel. Then there’s the aftermath, a wet soggy towel, or the boatloads of laundry that need to be done. It happens everyday, and you’re washing over, and over again. sigh. There’s got to be a better way.

Well, check out The Tornado Body Dryer, this unit is designed as a full body dryer made specifically to be installed directly into your shower area. Now, you can stay inside your cozy, warm shower, without dripping all over your floor and you can dry in warm, relaxing comfort. The Tornado Body Dryer consists of a full length air tube that will dry you evenly from top to… um, …bottom. Sure, there are other body dryers out there, but the Tornado contains over 200 air openings that actually create a vortex of warm, swirling air, enveloping your entire body, actually drying you on ALL sides, in minutes, no matter which way you are standing.

The 9 pound Tornado offers you the ability to choose full, or half power, and it installs easily into your tub, shower or even outside your bathing area, using just a small bracket.The Tornado Body Dryer does however utilize a powerful 220 volt/12.5 amp motor, so installation will likely require the assistance of an electrician.  So if you want to ditch the towels, reduce your risk of slip and fall injuries, or just want an amazingly decadent (and hygienic) shower experience, visit and get yourself the Tornado, for right around 2000 bucks. It might almost pay for itself in around 5 years of not washing towels…