Guitar Wing offers 3D MIDI control


guitar-wingIf you are an avid guitar player and would love to have more accessories attached to it to help you out in your composing or music playing experience, then you might want to seriously consider the $199.99 Guitar Wing. While I am quite sure that there is a fair number of MIDI compatible devices out there in the market to go along with your guitar, the Guitar Wing is slightly different as this 3D MIDI controller will be able to mount right on your guitar or bass, and you will hook it up sans wires to your computer.

The presence of such wireless connectivity is definitely a boon, since there would be no worries or issues whatsoever when it comes to tripping all over the messy cables or wires while you jam. Heck, with the Guitar Wing, the likes of pressure pads, touch sliders, and even motion controls would be at your disposal. It is capable of delivering an expressive, MIDI control surface thanks to a special design that targets both guitar and bass players. Being easily attached to any electric guitar or bass, it will communicate wirelessly to your computer or USB-MIDI host. Imagine playing your favorite tunes simply by shaking your guitar that will be translated into MIDI data, now how about that? It is time to rock out like a true guitar master.

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