Juno Power introduces Nova BLOX portable power pack


nova-bloxThe modern day road warrior does carry with him or her plenty of electronic devices, and most of the time, each of these individual devices happen to require a charge at the end of the day, simply because battery technology has not evolved to such an extent where one is able to run the device with all its bells and whistles turned on, round the clock, without being exhausted. Having said that, having a portable battery might prove to be rather useful in unexpected situations, since you can never quite tell just when you might need that extra bit of juice. Juno Power, long involved in the world of portable battery packs, has just introduced a brand new battery which is said to deliver efficiency, durability and affordability – all without weighing you down thanks to its five-ounce package. This particular offering is known as the Nova BLOX.

The Nova BLOX happens to be a 4,000 mAh power pack that comes enclosed in a stylish aluminum case, where it will feature a 2.1A USB output that delivers faster charging times. This means the Nova BLOX is able to juice up the likes of smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and basically any other kind of 5V device as and when you need it the most. In other words, the Nova BLOX would be the ideal tool to carry with you when it comes to outdoor adventures, business travel or even to have it function as a day-to-day charger.

This palm-sized Nova BLOX will also feature a high-powered LED flashlight that makes sure you need not fret during an unexpected blackout, since there is no worry about getting lost in the dark. The Nova BLOX will arrive in a trio of colors – gold, grey and silver, and these have been carefully selected in order to match the distinct shades of popular smartphones out there in the market.

This ultra-light power bank is said to offer up to 20 more hours of talk time for the iPhone 5, and wih an asking price of just $24.99, it does sound like a steal.

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